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Good evening when being around the trujillano market

Casa Europa is on the 25th of the AV Benavides Open at 9 a.m.

Do you have a vacuum brazuelo?

Yes, it is part of your letter ....

When do they arrive in Chiclayo?

I'm Customer

Is it Peruvian company?

Very good products They also bring German beers, with and without alcohol. In geney the products are of excellent quality

They also sell Hotdog and if so, what kind?

They have several types of sausages, sausages and hot dogs, in bulk and packaged.

They have the bee sting dessert and how much does it cost?

I suggest you visit the store personally.

Is it just a store or is it also a cafeteria to sit and consume? Thanks for answering

The Casa Europa store in Miraflores fulfills both functions with excellent products.

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